March 7

We’re over halfway through the term and there’s a buzz happening in the classrooms. The ‘new’ approach to writing in the upper school is starting to take hold and many kids are showing skill and passion for the craft of writing; others are still in the process of avoiding it at all costs (this is becoming harder and harder for them to do in the current climate across the school of write, write, write!) This is the stage where we need to persist; if we keep ‘rescuing’ the avoiders and the reluctant writers, we are sending the message that it’s OK for them not to be in charge of their learning. We need to have high expectations….that students will learn, that they will commit and that they will strive to achieve. If we ask them to give 20%, that’s all we’ll get. If we expect everyone to give us their own personal 100%, and we acknowledge their effort and their success, we’ll get 100% every time. Think of it in terms of the old Boy Scout motto – Do Your Best.