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We’re starting to share our book recommendations within classrooms but now need a better (and more formal and accessible) way for students to read each others’ thoughts and ideas on books they are reading. I’ve read and modelled a book review in most classes now and shared the book reviews by kids for kids site Book reviews by kids for kids.

How can we make writing book reviews interesting and meaningful? Pen and paper is just the beginning; oral presentations, book sells, book circles, featured articles in the newsletter, video reports…the list goes on.

Let’s promote reading and recommending!!

One thought on “Book Reviews

  1. Book reviews will be great to read and view. I wonder when we can feature some. Perhaps on the school website and at assemebly.And some have their pwn blogs. I think a book review blog would be great so that all students could post a review.

    It will be interesting,
    Thanks for your post,

    from Jenny

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